What Is An Argumentative Essay Against Gun Control

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Gun control
Gun control is a large debate in today’s society. Some think it is too strict already, other’s think they need to add more. The second amendment, the right to bear arms, stirs up a lot of debate when discussing this matter. Some schools and even local businesses are beginning to allow teachers and workers to start carrying firearms, with gun education of course. With mass shootings that have happened within the past few years, there has been some controversy between victims being unarmed and easier targets, or needing to take away guns to prevent these things. If we do not do something to stand up to gun control, we will no longer be the free country we Americans believe we are. Further gun control laws are not the right answer.
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(Pane) Almost half of the United States has laws that allow workers to keep firearms in their cars outside the work place. About eighty million Americans, which represent fifty percent of the houses in America, own two hundred and twenty-three million guns. This makes America easily the highest private gun ownership rates of any other country in the world. However, thirty thousand adults and children are killed each year from a gun related death, in America. A Harvard study showed that “Americans feel less safe as more people in the communities start carrying guns”. (Bitto) Of the 40% of American households that own a gun, only 67% said that self-protection is not the main reason for owning a firearm, but an if.

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