What Is American Democracy? Essay

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What is American Democracy? Well American democracy mainly has one meaning, but could cover multiple topics or subjects. This course has specifically discussed American Democracy, some of the forms would be equal citizenship, the influence of the govt, and public policy making.There are also different era’s we’ve discussed throughout this semester for example reconstruction, American gilded age, and the Spanish American war. Briefly, I would like to provide examples of American democracy through each of these era’s. The reconstruction era: did not show equal citizenship, they were prejudice against the black race. “During this time congress approved and sent to the states for ratification of the fourteenth amendment, which placed in the constitution the principle of citizenship for all person born in the United States, and which empowered the federal government to protect the right of all Americans.” (Foner,572) Now in the American Gilded Age it advocated and protested a lot for women and Indian American rights. For example “peace policy, which was created in 1869, by President Ulysses S. Grant to stop conflict, but civil war generals like Phillip H. Sheridan set out to destroy the foundations of the Indian economy”. (Foner, 610.) As far as the Spanish American War, their were incidents like the second Cuban war for independence. The initial factors before leading to the war were: “an international police power, which mainly Roosevelt persuaded withdraws, and ordered…

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