What Is Accessibility To Eat Fast Food?

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Accessibility to eat fast food is mostly middle class for their level of income, unlike lower class cannot consume it regularly, and since these costs do not enter into the daily budget of this kind, unlike people who have best salaries are more likely to consume this product.
It has I am long a relationship between obesity and lower incomes, but this cannot be attributed only to the choice of restaurants since its economic status were not allowed to attend these establishments to the consumption of foods rich in fats and high content of sugar that are selected in the supermarkets, fast food is more popular among individuals of middle-class which are less likely to be obese. Despite all the studies that indicate that the diet of fast food is not healthy, new consumers in the
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There is places of work in the administrative area, due to the educational growth, health education, in contrast to possess a low level of education salary expectations are lower for jobs that are running.
Agreements to studies that have been made in recent years, found that you increased overweight and diabetes in people who live in developed countries since they have increased the consumption of high-calorie foods and sugars, such as the frequent intake of fast food, this analysis was performed by the authors (De Vogli, 2014)
In a study carried out by the authors (Sahasporn Paeratakul, 2010) to meet the social and economic behavior of individuals on the consumption of fast food, in the same was obtained under 40 people, and including children are most likely to eat this type of food. The female gender has no interest to consume fast food. It also resulted in lower income class consumed sporadically as opposed to people who have higher income regularly visit the fast food outlets.
The Poor

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