Essay on What Is A Worldview?

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What is a worldview? A worldview is: “a comprehensive system of beliefs that functions, first, as an explanation and interpretation of the world, and second, as an application of that system to the way people live and the values they hold” (Foreman, M., 2014, p. 42). Building off of the philosophical definition of a worldview, what encompasses a Christian worldview? Shipp (2015) defines a Christian worldview, based on the Weider, L. & Gutierrez, B. (2013) work Consider as: “A Christian worldview is based on an individual’s beliefs in the tenets of Christianity, and belief of the Bible.” Consequently, a Christian worldview may further be defined as: beliefs about, explanations, and interpretations of the world that are based on an individual’s beliefs in the teachings of the Holy Bible; where the individual’s interactions with others, moral code, etc., are based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the letters of the Apostles. What did Paul in his letter to the Romans tell us about foundational truths of Christianity that may affect our worldview? The Epistle touches upon many aspects of life as we know it, but none more important than our justification and sanctification through Christ Jesus.

The Natural World In his letter to the Romans, Paul addresses God and Christ’s impact on the natural world. Romans 1:20 (New American Standard Bible): “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly…

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