My Success Quote Analysis

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My success quote I choose was “Always be yourself, express, yourself, have faith in yourself do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” Bruce Lee This quote in the college success seminar has honestly helped me tremendously with believing in myself. When originally looking for quotes to use I wanted to find a quote the reaches out to me as an individual. I did not want anything I could just throw on a piece of paper. So when I came across this quote it spoke to me as a whole. This quote means that it ok to be yourself, you need to have little courage in your ability to be successful. You should not try to replicate your personality so that you can be popular. Everyone in this world is created differently. In high school for me I believe this was difficult because I wanted to try to be myself but I wanted most to make friends. I was often bullied for being the student that followed all the rules, who was too smart, and was too weird to be friends with. I found that when I was with different groups of people I replicated their personalities so that I can fit into the social class. In the beginning this worked out for me however I soon found that as much as I tried to be happy and make friends it didn't feel like …show more content…
For starters Chapter 5 “Class, Work and Play: Adjusting to the Demands of College” has taught me that there is significant amount of changes in college life. You not only have to think differently, but you will begin to act differently, and handle situations differently as well. By being myself I have found positive connections and life lasting friendships that will help me be successful. I have grown to not only feel better about myself but in addition keep up my grades. I believe the quote above signifies this. By being yourself you become more successful with life as a

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