Essay on What Is A Stereotype?

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What is a stereotype?
A stereotype is a standardised image of what someone should be like based on certain traits that person possesses. People will stereotype you no matter what, because they are stereotyped into the same ‘area’ and think you shouldn’t stray from the social ‘norms’. Or because they have been brought up to think people should be a certain way that they have seen their whole life.
Children are brought up into the world of stereotypes, whether intentionally or not, they still see and hear what is acceptable for their gender or race and what is not. These gender stereotypes could prevent young women from following with their interests and dreams of being in a ‘non feminine’ job or boys from crying and showing ‘weak’ emotions because it’s not ‘masculine’. They are conditioned to think crying or showing any emotion isn’t for boys because it’s a ‘weakness’. Males are 3 to 4 times more likely to commit suicide than females. As it takes a lot more courage for men to speak out about their own mental health. Stereotypes create confusion because kids grow up thinking they should be one way because that’s what society thinks. Children can start to realise what stereotypes apply to them at an early age and this can affect their development in certain subjects at school and social activities after school. Children are taught from a very young age what colours they should like and wear, what type of shoes are appropriate for their gender, what toys they should…

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