What Is A Roman Tribune? Essay

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What is a Roman Tribune? The Roman Army was very much like the modern

day American Army in that used “rank” to determine the levels of responsibility. A

Roman tribune was an officer in the Roman Army who ranked higher than a Centurion.

A Centurion was one of six that commanded a Roman Legion, which was the smallest

unit of the Army. A Legion was normally 6,000 soldiers divided into ten cohorts.

Although the Tribune was “above” the Centurion, they were “below” the Legate. The

Legate was a general in the Roman Army that out-ranked all military Tribunes.

The primary responsibility of the Tribune was to protect the people. They had

little to do with the government/senate activities. Not everyone one in the Army had the

opportunity to become a Tribune. You could only become a Tribune through ancestry

linage. If your father had been a Tribune; if your Grandfather or other ancestor was

Tribunes and you were male, you had the opportunity to attain this ranking. If they did

not have the benefit of ancestry, the person who would become a Tribune could also be

chosen by the Equites, members of the lower two aristocratic classes of ancient Rome,

who’s ranking was passed from father to son. They were sometimes compared to

“knights” or “cavalrymen” since they rode horses during battle.

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