What Is A Quality Carbohydrate? Essays

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What is a quality carbohydrate?
Quality carbohydrates can be broken down into four major food groups: vegetables, grains, legumes and fruit. These foods need to be unprocessed or lightly processed or else they meander over into being considered highly processed foods, which we discussed in the previous chapter.
So while it’s acceptable to make flour out of grains, legumes and fruits (chickpea flour, wheat flour, banana flour), it’s not okay to processes them to the point to which they are no longer nutritious. Remember the major processed foods items: oil, refined grains and salt. If a grain, legume, fruit or vegetable is combined with a highly processed food, it’s no longer a quality carbohydrate
There are vegetables every color, shape and size. There is no vegetable that doesn’t start out as a quality carbohydrate. From kale to carrot to beetroot, they can come in with all sorts of flavors and nutrient profiles.
Unfortunately, vegetables have a reputation for being—lightly put—distasteful. Because they aren’t as tasty as a doughnut, or even naturally sweet fruit, people tend to cover them with salt, sugar and fat. This transforms them from quality carbohydrates into either unhealthy carbohydrates or fatty foods.
It’s always healthy to eat raw vegetables as long as they’re not dipped in some sort of fat such as olive oil or creamy ranch sauce. Healthy cooking methods include boiling, steaming, baking and stewing. Eat as many vegetables as you desire.

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