What Is A Millennial Parents, By Katy Steinmetz

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A millennial parent. What is a millennial parent? A millennial parent is defined as those who were conceived somewhere around 1980 through 2000, in which they have children under the age of 18. Millennial parents also number more than 22 million in the United States. Well, I just happen to be one of the 22 million in this country because I am a part of this generation of parents. I am a part of a generation who was born between the years of 1980 and 2000. I am a part of a generation who has a child under the age of 18. I am a part of a generation who is more open to feedback, in which I receive information and share information with other parents. I am a part of a generation who puts less emphasis on marriage, in which I treasure other priorities …show more content…
In “Help! My Parents Are Millennials,” Katy Steinmetz explains that millennials and previous generations of parents have definitely restricting viewpoints on technology. For example, previous generations are most likely to go to their own parents for guidance. However, millennial parents are able to look for guidance and counseling through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and apps. Millennial Parent Leah Swartz summarizes her advantages: “I have a whole team of friends and I can tap into my social circles and get expertise on anything from baby food to how to get a home mortgage (“Millennial Minute: A New Generation of Parents”).” This further demonstrates how millennial parents are living with a digital advantage. Millennial parents are also described as the masters of overshare, in which they share every detail of their lives. According to Time Surveymonkey poll, nearly 81% of millennials have shared a photo of their child on social media, compared with 70% of Generation X and 47% of baby boomers (“How Millennial Parents Think Differently About Raising Kids”). As a result, this group of parents affinity for social sharing is positively separating into their youngster’s lives as their children make strong social bonds outside school through expanded …show more content…
They have less desires for what a family ought to resemble, which is a gathering of individuals who adore each other. For example, previous generations of parents continuously say, “This is how we did it, so this is how you should do it.” However, millennial parents are not doing things the same as their parents. For instance, they are becoming parents later. The average age of a first-time parent is at a historic high of 26, up from 21 in 1970 (Steinmetz 41). This demonstrates that millennial parents are producing a family on their own time because they are in no rush. Millennial parents also put less emphasis on marriages, so instead they choose to cohabit with their partners. In a TIME poll conducted in partnership with SurveyMonkey, 42% of millennial parents said it is very important for couples to be married before they have children, compared with 49% of Generation X parents and 51% of baby boomers (“How Millennial Parents Think Differently About Raising Kids”). This supports the statement that millennial parents believe they do not have to get married to start a family. Parenting among future generations has turned out to be more group arranged as millennial parents withdrew from traditional gender roles in bringing up children. Steinmetz interviewed millennial parents Lucas and Kenya Hayes saying, “Our sons will learn an important life lesson from Lucas being the nurturer while I continue to work

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