Essay on What Is A Liberal Arts Education?

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What is a liberal arts education? William Cronon (to me) gave the best description of a liberal arts degree and what makes a student liberally educated. Cronon stated that “Freedom and Growth; are values when we speak of a liberal education” (5). I believe that to be liberally educated you must be able to grow on things you 've learned, branch out in a sense. It’s not about how you learn, it’s what you learn and how you use what you learn that makes you liberally educated. Many people ask why a person chose a “liberal arts college” over a larger university. I would answer that question by stating that a university only focuses on one’s major while a liberal arts college focuses on the all-around education of students. If a student were to fail outside of college, the liberal arts degree gives them other opportunities and more career options to pursue. A university only focused on one specific subject, therefore, that person has no other qualifications other than that subject, resulting in lesser opportunities. I chose a liberal arts college mainly because of the fact that I am given an all-around education. In William Cronon’s “Only Connect: The Goals of a Liberal Education,” Cronon lists 10 qualities of a liberally educated person (7). I compare myself to these qualities when reading the essay. The first quality is “They listen and they hear: These people can follow arguments and hear what others say” (7). I reflect on this and compare myself, thinking if I have the…

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