A Legendary Day Research Paper

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A Legendary Day

December 8, 1997 was an eventful day with it being the day of my birth. On this day there was a blizzard going on right on top of Independence and Blue springs missouri. The whole Kansas City metro area was covered with about three feet of snow! As the years go on the weather fluctuates and creates a long autumn, which is the season for television shows! It is crazy to look at the huge difference in Television from when I was born to the year 2016. TV has come a long way since then and has changed for the better. Television is one of the world’s most powerful creations to this day because it affects everyone in some way. When I was born eighteen years ago TV was great. The movies and shows that played were always entertaining and did not just focus on a redundant learning curve like they do today. Now since I was born in 1997 it is fair to say I did not actually comprehend the shows until about 2002. Big shows for a young kid included Disneys: Lilo and stich, Thats So Raven, and Kim Possible. As for the adults and teens, the shows were a lot different then they are today. Some
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So many companies, so many different choices, channels, and just way too many options for one to read. What companies do today is smart yet evil because instead of old time cable which has been out ever since tv was created there are now many different companies who charge different rates for hundreds of different television packages. Overall, Television boosts millions of dollars every year due the fact that there is a tv in most households throughout the world. When I was a kid I enjoyed television more than I do now because it was more entertaining even though it wasn’t as high of a quality although it continues to get better

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