What Is A Homeless Day Essay

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Hello everyone,

About two years ago, I was working at Pima Community College at the northwest campus in the library as an office aid. Every day when I was driving to the campus, I was facing homeless people were standing on the roads or next to the traffic lights asking people to help them with money or asking people to assist them with their needs. I was seeing them every single day; Regardless if we were in a summer or winter season. Also, I was facing different people not same people that I saw them in the day before. One day, in a cold and raining morning; my sister was taking classes at the northwest campus. So, at that day, when we were in our way to the campus, one of the homeless people came to my car when the traffic was red and
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But at that time, I gave him only 15$ with a few coins that left in my little pinky box. So, after I gave him the money, he was asking god to bless me as usual. But, the most thing that surprised me and shocked me was that I saw him at the same day at night in the club and he was drinking alcohol. When I saw him, I turned my face to my friend and sister unexpected that might happen. So, I told that “I know that guy, I saw his several times on Ina & Shannon. He is a beggar and I was giving him money for many time!” My sister said “Here we go, I’ve been told you that many times but you did not listen to me” Then, I decided to go and pass in front of him just I want him to see me because I want to see what is he going to do. He actually saw me. I said “I think I saw you before” He was confounded and does not know exactly what should he do; but he said “no, it might be another guy looks like me” and walked away. But actually I was hundred percent sure that guy was him (the Shannon beggar guy); that is what I call him hahahaha. So, from that time I have not seen him anymore. He probably found another road

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