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Graphic Designers/ Artist also known as Calligraphers, Commercial Artists, and Fashion illustrators are Artist who create and design graphics to meet specific commercial or promotional needs, such as packaging, displays, web layouts, company logos, multimedia projects, they may design film, television, video and computer related imagery and credits. Two field fields in which this occupation is found would have to include Commercial art and Web design and layout. Some of the specific activities that are performed as a graphic designer include creating designs, concepts and sample layouts base on layout principles and the aesthetic design concepts, confers with clients to discuss and determine layout design, develops graphics and layouts for …show more content…
It all comes down to your creativity, artistic sense of design, and your knowledge of the different design and graphic software. Graphic designers with at least five years of experience may be promoted to senior graphic designer, or maybe design director, or the highest art director. Other designers advance to become creative directors, administrative director, project design director, there are very few openings at the director level. As in any careers to advance in this occupation advanced education is necessary to update your skills and methods to current ones in the industry, also being up to date with the different and diverse graphic, web, multimedia design …show more content…
The starting entry level salary for a graphic designer in California would come out to 3,329 per month. Average monthly salary would come out to 4,981, highest paid monthly salary would come out to 6,190 a month. When it comes to hourly wage the average hourly wage for graphic designer in California comes out to 24.83 an hour. Average annual wage come out to 44,000 through 51,640 a year, when it comes to the maximum annual wage the highest recorded in California comes out to 60,640 through 81,320

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