Essay on What Is A Father?

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What is a Father? A lot of children have male parents, but not all children have fathers. A lot of children get stuck with a dead beat dad that does not care about anything or anyone but his self. The sad reality is, many kids today will grow up in a dysfunctional home because there was no father implemented in his/her life. The Webster’s dictionary literal states that a father is a male parent. A lot of people, however, believe a father is so much more than just a male parent. A good father will sacrifice, will teach, and will love his children until the day he dies. A good father will sacrifice for his children. He will not expect everything to be done for himself, on his time, and however it conveniences his life style. Before he has a child, the father will probably have somewhat of a social life and friends. He might go out every weekend with his friends and participate in different hobbies. He should understand that everything is not all about himself. When his child comes along he will have responsibilities that will draw him away from those weekends of fun. Children are very needy individuals. A whole bunch of time and money are required to take care of these needs. A good father will not skip a beat to lay these things on the line, just to provide his children with their needs. My next point is about the teachings of a father. A well rounded father will also want to teach his children. He will not automatically assume that his children know how to make it…

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