Essay on What Is A Family Belief System?

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erm Exam:
1. Ask your own question and answer it. 10 points for the question and 20 points for the answer.
What is a family belief system?
From my perspective a family belief system is a system that is combined with several different elements that creates a family’s own internal norms. These elements consist of shared values, beliefs and cultural norms that have been passed down to generation to generation. Along with the cultural patterns and values, a family belief system also consists of verbal/nonverbal rules of how to communicate and handle conflict management, decision making, roles and relationships as well. In conjunction with my perspective, Walsh (2012) indicates a family belief system guides the family life and organizes the experience in the social world (societal, ethnical, social class and spiritual values) as well.
2. This is your first session with a couple. The wife called and she thinks her husband is having an affair. They have been married for seven months and he travels for large businesses. This was his dream job and he makes quite a bit of money for a young man. He is considered successful by his bosses. They are both physically attractive and bright. She is now 4 months pregnant. What would you need to find out and why? 40 points

In order for me to help this couple, I would need to figure out a few things. First, I would have to question the wife the reason why she thinks her husband is having an affair. Then after her response, I…

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