What Is A Developmental Disability? Essay

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What is a developmental disability? A developmental disability is a mental or physical impairment which is chronic and begins before an individual reaches adulthood. There are many different types of developmental disabilities. They include Intellectual Disability (ID), epilepsy, autism, and cerebral palsy, which is the disorder this paper will be focusing on (CA.Gov 2013). Cerebral Palsy is an impairment in the area of the brain that controls muscle tone and movement. Cerebral Palsy does not cause a child to intellectual disabilities, but is often associated with them. This condition has different levels of severity, and different types of motor impairments (N.A. 2015). This paper will discuss the nature of the disability, the causes, misconceptions, and prevalence of the disability, and the identification and instruction issues.
Nature of Disability The signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy will vary, because of the many different types and degrees of the disability. The main warning sign of a child having cerebral palsy is a delay in the motor skills they should be reaching for their age. However, more specific warning signs have been found in regards to age. A baby under six months should be tested if he feels stiff, or floppy; if his head lags when picked up on his back; and if his legs get stiffed or scissor when he is picked up. Warning signs for a baby between seven and ten months are that he continues to have asymmetrical tonic neck reflex, and he reaches out with…

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