Essay about What Is A Background Check?

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1) What is a background check?
Differs depending on the organization seeking one. Normally includes:
- A criminal history check;
- A sex and violent offender registry check; and
- Additional job-related verification checks for specific jobs. (Such as education verification, motor vehicle record, credit history check, employment verification, license verification, and reference checks.)

2) Why should our church run a background check?
To protect minors under the church’s care. The NUMBER ONE reason churches go to court every year is because of an allegation of child sexual abuse. Criminal records checks reduce the risk of child molestation and, reduce the risk of institutional liability based on negligent selection., There are a relatively inexpensive, and are easily accessible manner to reduce risk of harm and liability.le.

3) What is the cost of running a background check?
Less than $50 to hundreds of dollars. These cost pale in comparison to the cost of being negligent.

4) What kinds of criminal background checks are there?
Several. However, there is no true “national” background check that capture convictions from every county in every state. Here are options for private employers (including churches):
- Commercial database search;
- In-person county courthouse search;
- Statewide search;
- FBI fingerprint criminal records search (in certain circumstances);
- (free online nationwide sex offender database).

5) Who should have a current background…

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