Essay on What Inspire Me, And What I Want You Write

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How I Started To Write, What Inspire Me, and What I Want To Write
I was born in Mexico, so I learned to write in Spanish. It is true that whenever a person learns a language when they’re a toddler, it is easy for them than when they are adults. I knew to write in Spanish, so I had no problem. Then, I moved to United States of America when I was a little older, probably when I was five. I had already known how to speak Spanish, so it was difficult for me to learn English that easy. I took bilingual classes in elementary school to help me understand English, not to write it. I later went to Middle School and took classes that helped me to speak and write in English. It wasn’t that great but it was a place to start. I knew how to write English adequately when I got to High School. Honestly, I didn’t like writing at all for any of my English teachers. Until I got to my senior year and started putting attention to my English teacher. She was the coolest teacher that I had. She taught me how to write papers and be prepare for college by doing fifteen page research essays. Yes! That was a lot, but I started to like writing because I got to choose what I wanted to write. I wrote two research papers: Inferno by Dante Alighieri and Moby Dick by Herman Melville. My teacher not only taught me how to write but also identify a paper by how a passage is written because of the type of word or theme that was use. From Odysseus to The Hunger Games, Myth theology to the best sale of all…

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