Iphone Vs Ipad

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What influences the price of an IPhone or an IPad? IPhones are one of the best cellphones to have; if not, the greatest cellphone every made. When a person thinks of a smartphone, most commonly an IPhones comes to mind. But they’re not the only smartphone company out there. Actually, they’re in an extremely completive market. Where prices are influences by the cost of IPhone or IPad. In the article I read, many different factors influence the price of an IPhone or IPad, the competitors, the demand for the product, and pricing power. Apple products can basically change the price of any of their products and it would still sell, because they assembled a name for their company. And a demand for their products throughout the world. In the article, Tim Cook the CEO of Apple discuss the future of Apple and why they are privileged as a company to expand their ideas and products. And still have a …show more content…
The collaborations of different ideas and groups, and working together to exceed customer service. Which is the reasons Apple has the advantage to sell their products at a price the company wants to. Apple also expanded their products, they started with Mac laptops, IPads, IPhones, to smart watches. They expand their products but in a smart way because a person needs an IPhone to have an Apple smart watch. So now the customer has to buy two products if they would like the one. Therefore, allowing Apple to price the products at their like. There wasn’t much I disagreed with in the article. I believe Apple is a great company and personally love their product. Yes, it would be nice if their prices were lower, but that goes for any smart phone out there right now. Any customer is going to pay significant price for a smart phone. So it’s not really Apple in general it’s the market. Everyone needs a phone and it’s a money making market. So from a business point of view, the high price is very

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