What If You Were Not Let The Things That Make You Happy? Essay

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What if you were not allowed to do the things that make you happy? That is a problem happening in theatres all over the world. Through acting, directing, or designing people are able to express themselves in a way that words cannot describe. It is a place where supposedly everyone is welcomed; no matter your gender or race. That has not always been the case and it is something that the community still struggles with. Working in theatre is one of the oldest professions on the planet. As far as historians know theatre has been around since cavemen roamed the earth. There is not too much evidence to support that theory, but there is proof that shows that Tribal Africans used performances to pass down their history (Hill & Hatch, 2003, p. 1). Then theatre spread and developed throughout the world. It maybe the oldest professions, but it has not always been the most diverse occupation and still has some work to do. By learning from past mistakes the theatre community can learn how to be more fair and realistic when hiring. Like many other industries, theatre used to be only for men. Not that all the roles were for men, but if there was a female role it was also played by a man. “Until the Restoration (1660) women were not officially welcomed in the professional theatre”(Chambers, 2006). Now there were ways around this; many women turned to writing scripts under pseudonyms. Then in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, women started to get more roles, even though they were…

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