Essay What If You Be If Not A Doctor?

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I was born in Visakhapatnam, India and blessed to be raised by my father`s 3D principle: discipline, dedication, dare to do which got entrenched in me quite early and had an impact in every phase of my life. My parent 's focus was always on education because they were not fortuitous enough to get a good college education. The answer to my parent`s question “What is your dream profession?” was a doctor and I never had an answer to the question “What if you be if not a doctor?” I was so clear about this because as I grew up listening to the discussion of my family regarding the health emergency. When I was 30 days old, my mother noticed a swelling in the left groin (an inguinal hernia) and met with a primary care doctor, who told it has to be operated. Due to unavailability of a Pediatric surgeon, the procedure got delayed and ended up in an emergency. I remember asking, “why did it get delayed?” and I was told that there were very few doctors in that area. I could always see in my mother’s eyes the reverence and the gratitude she had for the doctor. Listening to this incident over and over and about the countless fears they had, instilled in me the fervor to be a doctor. Later, I realized this is the impact of the unconscious mind on conscious mind. During my 5th grade, a science fair was held at our school and our task was to create a paradigm of the human heart and lungs. Each day I was working on it, my fascination for, how the human body is made and its functioning…

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