What If The Bible Was Never Created? Essay

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What if the Bible was never created?
Written over by over 40 different authors, over the span of 1400 to 1800 years, the Bible is the foundation in which many of us live by today. The Bible is a collection of stories that talk about Jesus Christ and his journey to help mankind. It also includes stories of this faithful followers and the creation of men by God. Different religions have different interpretation of the Bible which help us explain how we came to be. What if the Bible was never written? Would we still have faith in something that we don’t know for sure exist? Would we still believe in God and Jesus if we didn’t have proof enough to make us dependent on him for savior? There are two parts two the Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament. It starts with the 7 days of creation in which on the 6th day he creates animals and man, or humankind.
In the Bible, it talks from Adam and Eve to The Prophets and it explains certain things that we can’t quite fit together. It was written by over 40 men, in different languages from all over the world. There are over 45 stories written by different worshippers of God and Jesus. In the world there are approximately over 4,500 religions, most have something in common, the Bible. People have different interpretations of the message the Bible is trying to say to us. There are controversies with certain religions and countries that involve the Bible. For example the issues with Jerusalem because it’s known as…

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