Why Did Hitler Establish A Nuclear Bomb?

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World War II began when Germany attacked Poland on September 1st, 1939. World War II ended on September 2nd, 1945, when America dropped two atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Those two fission bombs, Fat Man, and Little Boy, basically ended World War II. What if the country that began the war, also ended the war? What if Germany had actually tried to develop a nuclear weapon? This would undoubtedly change the war, but would it change the outcome? A brilliant German scientist, Otto Hahn, discovered nuclear fission in December of 1938. A German scientist living in Germany discovered nuclear fission but they never developed a nuclear bomb even though they had the advantage? There are several factors attributed to why they did not develop …show more content…
The frustration and sense of defeat that he faced after Stalingrad and the North African Campaign would have lured him into the trap immediately. The physicists would then present their findings, calculations, and predictions. Werner Heisenberg and his colleagues would then tell Hitler that the yield of an atomic would be the equivalent of 10 kilotons of TNT, the radiation would kill survivors, and demolish everything with just a singular bomb. Hitler would then shift his focus to defense, acquirement of materials for the weapons, and making the, ”Junkers Ju 390”, the ultimate nuke dropping craft. Germany would be capable of testing a weapon by mid-1943 and the first functioning bomb ready to be used in war would come late 1943. Hitler would then secretly load a nuclear bomb onto a Ju 390 and send it to Moscow as quickly as possible. Hitler then detonates the 10 kiloton bomb 1,000 feet above Moscow on February 29th, 1944, and absolutely demolishes the city. The effects are then observed by Russia and reported to the Allies. Russia has completely lost Moscow and immediately pulls to its borders and defends with what little government and military left. This weapon strikes fear into every country and Germany immediately takes credit and threatens that the destruction of Moscow will become the normal as the war progresses. It would take Germany six months to acquire enough uranium to make another bomb of the same caliber so this was a false front. The readings after Moscow was bombed provided information for the scientists in the Manhattan Project to form accurate calculations of the successful nuclear weapons, and are then replicated by the summer of 1944. The United States responds to Hitler by saying that the USA now has more and better nuclear weapons to counterattack Germany with. The Manhattan Project predicts how fast Germany can make nuclear

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