What Ideas From The Course Resonated With You? Essay examples

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What ideas from the course resonated with you? What is the source of their appeal? The ideas of assessment literacy and Understanding by Design (UbD) resonate loudly with me. These are appealing because both are researched-based and focus on mastery in a standards-based curriculum, and models my idea of the ultimate road map to differentiated lesson planning. Student mastery is crucial. It is “Students with mastery orientation [that] seek to improve their competence. Those with performance orientations [that] seek to prove their competence.” (Schraw, 1998) Teachers who use UbD seek to unpack curriculum standards, align assessments with the standards and seek student mastery. This approach empowers teachers as well as students in the State-tested environments that so many have learned to hate in the US educational system. Albeit, as much as educational systems have evolved over the past, a pure systemic change that focuses on drilling down to the planning level has not quite effected in the classroom. By this, I refer to the many teaching strategies and frameworks that have evolved. When you speak with veteran teachers, they have myriad stories of the many they have used. The one constant, lesson planning, is rarely discussed and rarely found in professional development workshops. We need a seismic shift to help teachers at the root of the problem, planning, it is then we will experience seismic improvements. This holds true especially at low-performing schools. UbD…

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