What I Was The Most Risky Decisions Of My Life Essay

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My life hasn’t been saturated with failures, although there have been a few failures where I knew I had to change things for the better. One specific failure actually made me think throughout the trip I was in during the time of the failure. When I went to Outward Bound in Maine in the summer of 2016, I thought I made one of the most risky decisions of my life.
One of the biggest worries I had on applying for Outward Bound is that, I’ve never gone hiking and canoeing for more than a week, and I personally thought it was going to be a big challenge to do all those strenuous activities for twenty one straight days. When I finally arrived in Maine after a long eight hour drive, I was very worried if I was going to make it to the trip. When I went to sleep for the first time in the vast wilderness of Maine, I realized that the course wasn’t going to be as bad as I expected. I thought I was going to be in the wilderness without much food and much help for twenty-one straight days, but I was just overthinking. My fears have always made me think that trying new things could result in the worst possible outcome. This time though, my fears of not surviving the trip were not kicking in after the first night, the next few days I actually did keep up with the group at all times, sometimes I would even be in the front of the hiking pack, but as soon as we finished the first portion of hiking, that’s when I started to struggle.
The portion of the trip that made struggle was only a short…

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