What I Was A Random Day When I Am? Essay

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It was just another Saturday in April, 2008. Who knew that a random day when I was eight years old could change my whole life? I do not only remember the random Saturday because of the events that occurred, but because I remember what I was thinking. How lucky I am to be surrounded by the people I love: family, friends, and how if I lost them I was not exactly sure what I would do. The next thing I knew, I was having to figure out what I was going to do without her. I lost my Grandma on that random Saturday in April, 2008. Being only eight years old I had to learn really fast what exactly was going on. Being who I am, I love to take care of people. Instead of grieving, like a normal child would, I was helping with the funeral and running around asking people if they were okay, because the second I stopped to think about me, and how I was feeling, I got angry and sad. On the day of the funeral, I walked into the funeral home with a strong face and holding my father’s hand. After that day, I was never the same. I became angry. I became quiet and introverted. I did not want to try new things or meet new people. I once got called into the Principal’s office at Blue Grass Elementary School, and Mrs. Wolf (the principal) asked me “ How are you doing Olivia, are you okay?” and my response to her was, “When are Mom and Dad going to leave, because everyone else is.” The look on Mrs. Wolf’s face after my response I could not forget. She was in awe, shocked at what an eight year old…

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