What I Want To Change About Myself

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I am a passionate, hard working, teenage girl who does not know what to do with my life. All I dream about is traveling to warm, tropical places. I have a lot of friends but I feel so different from all of them. I get angry more than I probably should. I want to change a lot about myself but I do not know how.
I became this way because of the environment that I am forced to be surrounded by. I have no opinions because I was not asked about how I felt about things as a child. My parents tend to not ask me questions. I feel like I am different from my friends because they grew up in very different environments than I did. Many of them grew up with parents that checked their grades and helped them with their homework but mine stopped looking at my report card years ago. My friends also care about politics because their parents talk about them a lot. My parents never talk to me about politics. I can become very passionate about the things that I am good at. I felt untalented as a child, so now I choose to really get into anything that I am decent at and I tend to not try at the things that I am not.
A trait that I wouldn’t want to change about myself is how much I care for people. If you are loyal to me, then I would
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I want to feel comfortable in my own body and with my own life without feeling constantly judged by other people. My friend said that she has to buy new dresses for every event her sorority has or else she would be a social outcast. I never want to be put into that kind of situation. I want to become unprejudiced. I hate how I’ve been raised in the world that I am in. I want to live in a world without hate or judgement. There is no point to it, no one wants it. I dream about moving to South or Central America where there are less worries and they live a more relaxed life. When I went to Florida, I noticed how the people there went at a much slower pace and I ended up shoving a couple of them because I was in a rush to go

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