Essay on What I Want For A Career And My Future

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Everyone struggles in different ways. One struggle for myself has always been academics and knowing what I wanted to do for a career and with my future. Looking back now, currently as a second semester senior pursuing my bachelor 's degree, I realize how much I have grown and learned. Where I have managed to get myself today academically is a great achievement to myself. I look forward to what further academic exploration could yield.
When I started high school I was a terrible student with no drive to learn. I skipped classes, didn’t study, and overall didn’t care. I avoided taking classes that would advance my academics and always took the easy road. Some people were not even sure if I would graduate. I had no plans for my academic future and I didn’t think about them. I always knew I would need to go to college but I did not go out of my way to prepare for applications by taking SATs or to even apply to community college.

Toward the end of my senior year of high school I was accepted to work for an electronics store I had been trying to apply for. I chose to continue working there after high school instead of going directly to college. However, as time passed I quickly watched people I knew work through college, network with more people, better themselves, and have further opportunities available to them as a result. Therefore, fast forward a year and I eventually decided college was something I wanted to do. I had taken high school animation and computer hardware…

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