What I Want About The World Into Blue Or Pink Essay

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"From the moment we are born gender organizes our world into blue or pink. "It seemed nature had played a cruel joke on me." Gender identity disorder. NOT a phase. "My child is a boy. It 's not my fault he is transgender and it is not his fault." Freaks of nature, hate their bodies, violence, drug abuse suicide based on society rejection. "Typical family. Six year old boy transgered. From the minute he could speak, he made it clear he wanted a dress. "No mommy, good girl." "Mommy when is the good fairy going to come up with her wand and take off my penis and make it a vagina." Parents wanted it to pass. 4 traits nessacery for diagnosis. Only three and has. Constantly told Jazz is a female inside. "This is me now, this is what I want." Possibly hormone imbalance during pregnancy possible reason for the disorder. Jazz very depressed. Preschool would NOT allow Jazz to dress as a female or wear a too-too. It was heartbroken for her mom. They decided at that moment to allow him to become a girl. She annouced, with parental consent that she was a girl. The jennings found that the chid was scrutinized. "They didn 't ask to be born this way" Says mom. "I can be whatever I want to be" Jazz. Jazz youngest documented transgender. Jazz ' fear is to have a beard and moustache. Growing her hair out, piercing her ears and wearing dresses to kindergarden. The school knows she 's male but the student 's don 't. Even playdates are an issue. "I don 't want Jazz to go to any house unless…

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