What I Think About What We Want Essay

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When the first discussion question on this topic asked us how we move from "what we want" in life to "what we really want" in life, I was really confused. But after reading the chapter, it made a lot of sense. To move from "what we want" to "what we really want" in life, we must move away from the pleasures and satisfaction of material things and try to understand things at a deeper level. Smith says in this chapter that three things that we "really want" are to be, to know, and to find joy. We want to be able to live and we want to have a future. We are always curious and always want to be able to learn. We want our lives to be joyful, not boring and tedious. And according to Hindu belief, we want these things infinitely. So what people really want is this: infinite being, infinite knowledge, and infinite happiness. The real goal of life would be to attain being, knowledge, and joy; and for that to happen, we have to give up certain things in life. The materialistic pleasures in life are what we must get away from, because these are what give us limitations and keep us away from attaining the infinite. This is one of the ideas that has stuck with me the most, because of the fact that I have thought of it before. Everyone has heard the saying, "Money can 't buy happiness." Personally, I do not agree with this completely, but I understand the direction of the meaning in it. This kind of relates to this idea in Hinduism, because I know that life is about the universal idea of…

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