What I Think About Wahleah. Wouldn 't You Agree? Essay

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You are very welcome and while I do enjoy the name of Wally. Your full name of Wahleah is very impressive sounding, what culture is the name derived from it is very familiar sounding? Also, it is very nice to meet you Wahleah (a.k.a Wally) I guess I should say haha.

I believe I have a general idea of what you mean by conversations being a "waste of time" allow me to try and clear things up a little more if that 's okay. What would you consider to be an example of an irrelevant/insignificant subject? Also, do you not like discussing only negative "feelings" with someone or "feelings" in general? I only ask cause I wouldn 't want to ask any questions that would make you want to abandon this conversation as I am enjoying our talks and it seems difficult to find a decent conversation on Interpals. Wouldn 't you agree?

I can agree with you on not wanting to discuss feelings with others as it can lead to bigger issues that you do not want to get involved with so you choose to ignore it. No, I don 't think you are unsympathetic or emotionless for not wanting to discuss feeling, you 're just trying to avoid an awkward conversation that does not need to happen at the time. I also try to avoid the negative energy of other when I can because it only hinders progress and doesn 't stimulate it.

Ah, I see, well at the end of the day Native American art like all others will hold ceremonial, financial, and cultural value or all three when the time and place are right. Curious, Native…

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