What I Say About Me Essay

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I stare at the blank screen in front of me, with the words “Hi, I am Bishwa.” Unsure of what to do next. Unsure of what words that will follow. Getting someone else to know about me is harder than I thought. But then I look around myself – around my drawers, closet, my desk, my bed. All of them are in a particular condition. And I begin to wonder. What do these things say about me? So rather than telling about myself, I’ll save myself the trouble and describe these things.
My desktop screen. You’d probably call it a dumping zone. Literally every file and folder in my computer ends up here. So, it probably says that I’m messy and disorganized. So do my clothes on the drawer. Yes, I am a bit disorganized. But then, people ask, “How do you use
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I think what really makes me 'me ' is my cheerfulness and sense of humor. I am a fun guy to be with, usually the one in my group to crack witty and hilarious jokes from time to time. Being funny not only helps me to make good conversation with other people but also to ease off the pressure in difficult situations. Whether it was when we had to study until our midnight for our exams or stay awake until 4 o’clock in the morning to make sure our high school’s annual magazine got finished that day, I have always tried to make the atmosphere as calm as possible for myself and others by making humorous talks. I’m a people person. I love to spend time with my friends and get to know them in any ways I can. I’ve managed to be as helpful as I can to everyone. As an Academic Prefect in my high school, helping juniors in their studies was my duty but more than that, it was my desire. Teaching others was (and still is) one of the things I like to do just for the fun of …show more content…
I don’t mind giving a task an extra hour just to get it done perfectly. Whenever the topic ‘Maths Exam’ came to my mind, all I wanted to do was lock myself up in my cubicle and practice every single question I could find to make sure I got full marks in my exam. My friends, who had done less than I have but had ended up with almost similar result, told me that I was over-stressing myself. ‘90+ is an A* dude, why bother to get more?’ was their general reaction. But still, 99 out of 100 left a gap somewhere for me - a room for improvement. And that’s what wanting perfection has made me understand- the fact you’re never perfect. Trying to be perfect has helped to improvise on my errors; it has helped me to learn from my

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