What I Really Don 't Know About Someone Else 's Shoes Essay

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In today’s world, we must know how to appropriately interact with people our age and people in general; living in a world with no sympathetic or empathic morals could be traumatizing. I may have only been on this earth eighteen years, but I believe I have come to the conclusion that I truly don’t know how to interact with people the way I should; trying to step into someone else’s shoes is uncomfortable, learning how someone feels about a certain subject is even harder when opening up about my own feelings feels burdensome, yet I can somehow relate to them on an empathetic level.
When my ex-best friend would come to me with problems, which was rare, I tried to the best of my ability to help her solve them. I would go over every situation in my head but nothing I would suggest would please her, nor would any of my sympathetic answers live up to her standards. Conversations like those were what I assume ended our twelve-year friendship, that and countless other mishaps besides these. I have always blamed myself for failing at these interactions… though now after almost five years I have learned that I was simply looking at the situation all wrong. It’s not how you try to ‘solve’ a problem in someone’s life, it’s how you react to it when they tell you. Your reaction is key to ‘living in someone’s shoes’, do not try to silver line their problems by throwing in the good things they get out of the particular situation, because that will only make things worse than it already is.…

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