What I Never Thought I Would Say About The Day We 're All Leaving Our Beloved Home Planet

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I never thought I would say this, but the day has arrived. The day we’re all leaving our beloved home planet.

All families have to undergo a system and package check before we board the ships. This takes more than 4 hours, despite the efficient procedure the authorities formulated. Naturally, the time leaves us with nothing to do, which is quite a challenge for my restless younger brother. Nonetheless, I always know the cure for boredom.

I tap my brother on the shoulder and he spins around with a displeased tone “What?”.
I get him to hold his arms out, palms facing in. I cup both of his hands and tell him to push against mine as hard as he can. As he begins to increase pressure, I push his hands in the opposite direction. He pushes in, I push out. We do as I count to 60, and when we let go his face first shows confusion, and then excitement, sometimes both at the same time. He insists we switch roles.

After I count another 60 seconds of pushing out against my brother’s hands, a curious sensation is felt through my arms. No matter how much I want to put hands back together, they automatically go back out. Although this sensation only lasts for about 5 seconds, it startles me how for that brief time, I have no conscious control of my hands. However, I only feel this response under the condition that I relax my arms. Once I tense up, I can manage my own limbs.

While my brother and I play with this illusion a few more times, our family is up for inspection. I guess ever…

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