What I Learned My Biological Father 's Death Affected My Emotional Development

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Unfortunately, I did not get to know my biological father because he died few months after my resumption and was buried before I even got to know about it .My father’s death affected my emotional development as a young adolescents trying to figure out her life, coupled with the fact that I was not accepted by my step father, I suffered little depression for the first one year in high school. This affected my academic performance. According to Lieberman et al, they observed that children are at risk for negative outcomes associated with traumatic events because they are frequently exposed to a range of traumatic stressors and they have limited coping skills.
By my second year in high school , I made friends, but was particularly close to three girls who up till now are still my friends, we shared one thing in common we were all fatherless. I was able to successfully resolve my emotional issues with the support from my friends, I believe my faith development was based on what I learnt from my grandparents while growing up these provided opportunities to develop a resilient personality, as suggested in research, personality is developed through temperament and experiences (Rothbart, 2007). Even though sometimes during visiting days in school, I fall into mood when I see other kids with their parents, this often reminds me of my circumstance and got me sad. The developmental impact of traumatic events depends on various factors like child’s developmental stage, child’s…

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