What I Learned From My Parents Essay

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1. A. I learned many things from my parents while I growing up, the two most important things I learned from my parents are always be punctual and don’t be wasteful. These two things are deeply engraved in my mind. I believe they are two basic principles that I followed when I engage in the society and contact with other people. I remember when I was in primary school, sometimes my father came to pick me up, when he told me he will be school at 5:30, he would always be there. For my mother, she works in hospital as a surgery doctor, no matter snowing and raining, she never late to her work, she would leave home one hour early to be on time at her job. Another important thing I learned from my parents is don’t be wasteful. Every Time when we eat, my father always told me eat what you can finish, and if you can’t finish then don’t put in your plate, I remember when my father finished his meal, there is not even a grain of rice left in his bowl. He also told me there are many people in the world are starving, so don’t be wasteful, be appreciate that you have food to eat.
1. B. My parents using behavior and modeling methods to teach me. The behavior method I think it is a very direct way to learn from parents. The positive reinforcement it makes me always think positive, be a positive person. When I have difficult situation in my life, I never give up before I tired. Also, learn by doing is very important because I can get the opportunity to experience what I learned from…

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