What I Learned From Attending The Lectures Of Dr. Moore 's Class Ugs 303

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Growing Up Everybody is so eager to graduate high school, leave home, attend college, and make something out of themselves in this world; but fail to see how much work and dedication is at hand in actually achieving that goal. For me it was the same, I would tell my parents every day that I couldn’t wait to leave and make my own rules. Looking back at it now, I miss being under their wing or being guided by their intelligence. However, that’s life, you have to grow up eventually. In the end, that is really what I learned from attending the lectures of Dr. Moore’s class UGS 303: The Race in the Age of Obama. And because of the type of service learning experience that was taught in this course, I also took away that in order to be successful you can’t be average, help others so you can be grateful for all that you have, and never let society’s criticism bring you down. Being average is just a way to get by, you never really want to change and just have the same results over and over again. It doesn’t bother you because you’re used to it, you’re afraid of the attention you might get for being different or even for being wrong. If somebody tells you to something you do it, or when you ask for somebody’s approval and they deny, you take the blow because you don’t want to fight back. In the very first few lectures this is what Dr. Moore discussed with everybody. You can’t be afraid of rejection, sometimes things won’t go your way and that’s life, accept it. Don’t wait for…

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