Essay on What I Learned For Art Appreciation

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What have I learned thus far in my “Art Appreciation” class? How about an overwhelming amount of information regarding the fundamentals of visual art, the artist works and ways to look at art. I learned there are elements and principles that go into creating and appreciating art. Line, shape, form, volume, mass, value, space, color, time and motion are the elements. Contrast, variety, balance, scale, proportion, emphasis, focal point, pattern, rhythm, content, analysis are the principles. First, I had to come to an understanding of what defines art. I found there is no simple definition to define art. Art is an artist creative interpretation or imagination of an art composition. A composition is the artist own work (painting, sculpture or photography). Art is thought to provoke. It tells stories, conveys messages, causes emotions to evolve, remind us of the past and history. It can help broaden our minds to new things and open our eyes to the world around us. Art can take us to places we 've never gone and see things we hadn 't ever seen through the eyes of the artist. I was reminded of the fact that art is created from many different materials. Out of the fundamentals of visual art, I found the element of color and the color wheel to be the most interesting. Allow me to elaborate on why.
Most of us learned about the primary colors (red, yellow and green) in grade school. Some of us were even introduced to the secondary colors (orange, green and violet). As a child, if I had…

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