What I Learned During The Workforce After High School Essay

758 Words Feb 15th, 2016 4 Pages
In my reflects pertaining to the various writing experiences throughout my life, I have realized how much I have learned and still need to learn or be mindful of. Although I entered the workforce after high school and did not continue to enhance my writing skills in an educational setting, I continued to acquire a multitude of skills in the workplace. I acknowledge that throughout the years my ability to recall what I had learned in high school was lacking in my writing. Needless to say, the necessity to participate in English 103 is great.
The type of writing that is consistent in my line of work is detailed, factual of events occurred, and services rendered for case management purposes. In addition, daily correspondence must evoke a sense of value, understanding, and genuine concern, especially when addressing our students and their families. This type of writing appeals to all three rhetorical appeals (pathos, logos, and ethos). With a high level of communication or interaction taking place by means of email, text, faxes, forums, blogs and social media it is critical to utilize appropriate methods of writing. Rhetorical appeals are all intertwined daily in verbal and written communication with others such service providers, management, program participants, and those whom we are in relationships with. This is course has been a reminder and has emphasized the importance of possessing the appropriate writing skills to successfully accomplish writing grants, memorandums…

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