What I Learned At My Goals Essay

1020 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
This 30 day behavior challenge has really given me to opportunity to pick out my unhealthy behaviors and has motivated me to actually get up and make the change to my lifestyle. Although, I am faced with many unhealthy behaviors, one that I thought need to be changed immediately was binge eating or over snacking. This challenge made me realize my set backs and it also gave me a self assessment to help me break down my goals one by one. At first, I felt doubtful about this 30 day challenge because I always find it hard for me to commit to a change. I have always made goals to change my unhealthy lifestyle but I could never stick to it, However, after I started this project, I began to see a change in how I looked at my goals that I have set. First off, the assessment of the dimensions of my health has really helped me kick off my behavioral change. It helped me attain a grasp of what parts of the dimensions I need to change specifically, whether is was my environmental health or spiritual health. After completing it, it shows that I need to work on my emotional health and spiritual health and after deciding on what behavior to change, I realized that the cause of my unhealthy behavior has a major connection with my emotional and spiritual health. The behavior I wanted to change for this project binge eating on snacks. I began to realize that this when I started college and became really stressed from the exams and homework. I would cram my study sessions and homework…

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