Essay on What I Learned About The Food That I Consume

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When I began doing this project, I had no clue that with doing this project that I would learn a lot about the food that I consume. I also learning more about me and what’s going on within my body. The portions of food that I was consuming were all wrong. I’ve learned how to balance my meals to what I need to eat more of and what to stay away from or eat less of. It would seem that we should learn this need material at an early age then as we become adults we wouldn’t have such weight problems. I believe that I did my best at keeping track of everything that I consume during that week; however, I do not believe that I didn’t reach the calorie limit that was set for me.
I used a kitchen scale to weight the food and a measuring cup for most of the liquids that I’d drunk. I kept a daily planner on all the food that I ate for that day. If it went into my mouth I wrote it down so once I got to the web page to enter my data, I wouldn’t be doing so off the top of my head.
Thanks to and the resources I learned how to see what I am eating within the food groups that they fall under. I like it because it really laid it out for you on the was not hard, if you write down everything that you ate and then putting it into the makes if very easy. I love the fact that it had a nutrition calculator that let you see what you were eating. It lets you know what food group you needed more or less of.
Going over my data from,…

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