Essay on What I Learned About The Bible

840 Words Aug 13th, 2016 4 Pages
1. This is the first course I studied with a purpose to learn more about the Bible, than considering GPA marks or covering each chapter quickly, but rather, I was able to sit and give my full attention to absorb the meanings of what I was reading.
2. I was able to spend more time reading the Bible because for each Module there was recommended readings from the Bible. Before taking this course I haven’t really tried to find time to read the Bible but now I can really feel the power of the Holy Spirit after I read the scripture.
3. After studying this course I came to know about the historical information’s about the writers, the location and events took place while they wrote the scripture. Also, how Bible evolved from time to time into an authoritative writing through the Apostles.
4. The Sumney textbook is a great resource to learn the interpretation of each book in the Bible and I will keep that with me for the future references and as a tool to guide me while I read the Bible.
5. Most importantly from each chapter I got the understanding, that God was faithful to his people even if they turned into wickedness, but when the people repented God always blessed them.
6. This course gave me the idea that there are additional books like Apocrypha exists in the Bible. For instance, Catholic Old testament contain seven extra books in the Old Testament.
7. Most of the blessings of Israelites were shunted away because they worshipped more than one God, that means whatever we…

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