What I Learned About Other Cultures And Places Around The World

1030 Words Apr 19th, 2015 null Page
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a boat ride down the Nile River, or hiking through Denali National Park in Alaska? I have dreamed of traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures since I was a little girl. Although I’ve always had these dreams, I’ve also always wanted to help people and by achieving a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, a degree in travels, or a nursing degree I will be able to take these trips around the globe, experience different cultures and help those around the world who might need it. I first learned about other cultures and places around the world in detail in my ninth grade world geography class. We discussed the different places and where they were, what their climates were like and how the people lived. I always had a love for travel, and people but until this time I hadn’t really felt it tug on my heart before. One place I had always known I loved was Ireland. My goal since I was about ten is to spend my honeymoon in Ireland visiting the castles and small towns, while tasting, unique foods and buying things I have never seen before. I want to stay in an underground house much like a hobbit hole that they built to hide from their government during the time of the civil war.
I already know that I will need a degree of some sorts in order to be correctly qualified to help people in other countries correctly. I know that by getting a degree in nursing I can travel all over helping patients in the medical field,…

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