Essay on What I Learned About Osteopathic Medicine

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When I first learned about osteopathic medicine I was attracted to the idea of the holistic approach of working with the patient to treat the whole body and not just the disease. This osteopathic philosophy is supplemented with what I had learned during my time as a Public Health student where the focused was on heath education with an emphasis on preventative medicine to help the individual and community. I came to this realization when I was observing an osteopathic family medicine physician interacting with a diabetic patient that was non-compliant with his medication that came in for a cut on his calf that was not healing properly. The physician proceeded to explain how by not taking his diabetic medication, affected his calf from healing in a way the patient was able to understand. The physician also spent time to talked to talk about the patient’s lifestyle and how that it affected his health. I appreciated how much emphasis and time the physician place on lifestyle changes and not just on medication alone. Its the idea of treating patients with the whole body in mind and understanding its ability to self-regulate and self-heal is why I want to be an osteopathic physician.

I volunteered at a free health clinic that provided care for the uninsured and homeless once a week. This clinic experience was unique, because it was attached to a church that also provided meals and groceries. We would approach the people to see if they needed any medical care, give surveys, and…

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