Essay on What I Learned About Myself

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What have I learned about myself this year in the world of english. I have not just grown as a writer or a reader like most people would think is all about. I have grown as a thinker and a little bit as a speaker. In the socratic circles I am fine because people are up there with me but when I am alone I still clamp up. That is one thing that I will have to work on throughout high school because it will be a very important factor in life when I am older and right now. Last year during freshman english I thought that there was one answer on how to describe a character and what he was thinking. Not anymore, because in English this year we dove into the book, we learned how to read in between the lines, and not be so dense about books, articles, film, and poetry. I honestly thought there was one type of poetry before the year started but this class opened my eyes. I have learned more in this one year of English then the nine previous years of english, language arts, reading, and writing classes combined. As a writer my analysis was very, very bad last year, it was the shortest part of my papers even though it should be one of the longest. I just did not know how to sum up and quote and relate it until this class taught me how. Bucky the badger really helped a lot and all the techniques we learned.
The first day of class when we went on that field trip you made Jack one of the leaders and someone else the leader. You gave us some obstacles that didn’t work fully but we still…

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