Essay on What I Learned About Myself

1086 Words Jan 27th, 2015 5 Pages
It can be said that, when we ask others intimate questions about ourselves, we gain a perspective we have not previously explored. This is an interesting concept, especially when we decide to interview those people with whom we are close. First, I interviewed my long-term boyfriend Jeremy Salter. He gave several answers that shocked me; I disagreed with some, reluctantly accepted others, and yet learned the most with his answers. Next, I interviewed my coworker and closest friend, albeit of only a short period of time, Ashlee Jenkins. Her interview was the least stressful to administer, however, I did not feel like all of her answers were necessarily truthful. Finally, I interviewed my mother, who I am sure attempted to spare my feelings on the difficult questions. Having said that, interviewing my mom was the hardest of the three, possibly because I care more deeply about how she feels. In all, I felt content and humbled by the answers I received. I learned some things about myself that will help me become a better person, for both myself and for my future and current relationships. I have found that it is easy to agree with the positive responses gathered from these interviews. For example, I agree that I am easy to get along with, as all three interviewees mentioned. I know this is true because I never intentionally hurt or try to make people uncomfortable. Instead, I deliberately set out to get along with coworkers and classmates, customers and professors, alike.…

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