What I Learned About Myself Changed My Life Essay

928 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
You ever had a moment in your life that changes it forever? A moment that gave you a new perspective about the world or even about yourself? I had one of those moments in my life and what I learned about myself changed my mentality forever. An ordinary family trip to the zoo had turned into a life changing event that I would never expect to deal with at 10 years old. This is how my perspective changed forever. It was a rather normal drive to the San Diego zoo. The highway ran near the ocean on a cliff and the breeze was refreshing. Seeing through the fence blocking the cliff I saw the occasional surfers out there catching some waves and I even think I saw a whale at one point. It took us a couple of hours but we got there. It was packed and we were lucky to have found a spot to park in. We had a lot of fun seeing all of the animals and there was a lot to see. At the end of the day, after some long hours of walking around the zoo, we had decided to go. We got some souvenirs and we left for the car. The sun was about to set and we were tired. It was a fun trip and I was just about to fall asleep. The air was nice and the radio was playing some of our favorite tunes. It seemed like a very normal day to the zoo, until about half way through the drive back. Then we heard a loud bang and screeching sound from our left. A random white cars tire just exploded and swerved to the right. It was heading right for us. My mom panicked and hit the brakes and also turned right. The…

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