Essay What I Learned About My Life

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When I first started this assignment, I thought it was going to be very tedious and would not interest me at all since I was just logging what I did in my everyday life and I didn’t see how it was going to benefit me in any way. Once started it, however, I realized that writing things down forces you to sit down and think about what you are doing every day and how much you should think about making some changes in your life that will have a positive impact. I enjoyed writing down what I ate every and how often I exercised. I definitely found the most difficult ones to be where you had to unplug for twenty-four hours without any technology and new strategies of coping with stress. I feel that exercising needs to become a bigger part of my everyday life and I will start working on that momentarily. I feel these activities have given me a better outlook on how to make my life better for me. The two logs I found most interesting and helpful to me personally was the writing down what I ate for three days and how often I exercised for 3 weeks. I know I do not have a great diet and I usually eat what is convenient and fast for me to continue with my day and don’t usually care about what nutrition I am getting from the food I am eating. I will usually just put a frozen pizza in the oven or order one and have it delivered. I will usually start my day off healthy but slowly succumb to sugary and processed food by the end of the day. Being able to see what I consumed on a daily basis…

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