Essay about What I Learned About Hermeneutics

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To begin, I will answer the question of what I knew about hermeneutics prior to this class. Now I will preface this by admitting that I really did not have much knowledge as to what this subject pertains, but what little I did know I will share. For instance, I was aware that the first definition of hermeneutics is interpreting the Bible. From context of the definition and a few different things I had heard from other people, I gathered that interpreting did not necessarily mean translating it from one language to another. But after considering the second part of the definition, which is studying the Bible, I assumed that hermeneutics is more like an in depth study of the Bible. I also assumed that this would mean studying hermeneutics would be a long and somewhat tiresome subject to take, though not necessarily an uninteresting one. However, I will go ahead and mention that after going through this week’s reading and looking through the syllabus I am instead excited about what is to come.
Next, I will answer the question of what I wish to learn now that I have more knowledge on the subject. What I really want is to be able to interpret the Bible on my own and study it wherever I am at. What I mean by this is that because I someday hope to be a missionary and/or be involved in mission work in general, I want to have the ability to figure out what the Bible says so I am not dependent on others in this area. This being said I also hope to gain enough confidence in…

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