What I Learned About Essex And British Accent Essay

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Incident 2 :

I thought I speak a very good English until I came to England. I was at the supermarket once and a man approached me , thinking that I work in the supermarket, and asked me about something he was looking for.I asked him to repeat his words and he did , but again,I did not get what he said.I was embarrassed and so I said “ sorry I can not understand what you say , my English is very bad”. He replied “ only if you have an American accent”. My English was not bad because I was already studying my master degree , but I think I was not used to Essex accent at that time. I still remember that day and I say to myself “how life can be extremely funnily unpredictable”. I do not if it is skill or a desire that made it easy for me to understand Essex and British accent in a matter of weeks.
A year later , I took a coach from London to Manchester, the coach stopped at a service station , the coach driver asked me : “Where are you from ?” I asked him “ What do you think ?..he said “ I do not know , you could be from here. I said “ Here where?’..he said “ North West”. I laughed and said “ Those Arabic features cannot make it happen” but It made me realise the dramatic change of my English in less than a year since I moved to England.

Two years later , I was in the Washington DC, United States giving a presentation in a seminar room , an American instructor walked into the seminar room and said to me “ I heard someone speaking with a British accent, and so I came to…

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